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Sourcing and engaging the right talent for over a decade

At Finaxe, we provide international recruitment and consultancy solutions. We excel at working in synergy across a vast spectrum of global industries.

Our interconnected team of specialist research consultants focus on permanent solutions for the MENA region.

From the very inception in 2009, our global services have met and continue to meet all recruitment challenges. Through leveraging our worldwide presence, we help our clients select and hire the talent they need to execute their strategy.

We Facilitate

Permanent Solutions

We have established an impressive selection of talent for you to pinpoint the professionals that meet your needs.

Coupled with investments into our research capabilities through cutting-edge technologies, we have designed novel solutions that enable you to access outstanding candidates wherever required.


Placing the right leader is a delicate situation. We understand the overwhelming pressures to find great leaders who have the competency, abilities and experiences necessary for the achievement of objectives, together with being the right fit to your organizational culture, come with several complexities

No matter what your leadership needs are, our distinctive models establish simplicities to overcome complexities.

Board, Chairs & CEOs

For over a decade, we partner with colossal MENA based institutions, conglomerates and multinational companies. Our Executive - Specialist Divisions have collaboratively amassed several hundred successful international Board services & CEO assignments.

We provide a full-range service, we pinpoint searches, screen and assess candidates according to your strategic alignment, culture & compensation benchmark.

We leverage our global reach and unique models to access exemplary leadership. Ensuring the effectiveness of your organisational structure.

Facilitating hand in hand - to build your senior leadership:

  • Board Directors
  • Chairs
  • CEOs

Financial Executives

Coming directly from industry, we act together to exercise our influence and experience, accessing unparalleled networks to help build entire finance leadership teams — including Controllers, Treasurers, and Heads of Tax, Investor Relations, Corporate Development, and Internal Audit. Our established talent pool allows selection from the pinnacle of CFO candidates.

Technology Executives

Talent is the value proposition! The technological society has rebooted the global economies to a new reality, forcing companies to re-evaluate talent. Digital transformation and integration come to a critical juncture in emerging realities for companies today.

We show our clients the best way to identify, attract, and retain enterprising talent, who lead them confidently into this paradigm shift.

By applying Finaxe models, our interconnected expert teams directly access the wide spectrum of tech leaders in our talent pool. Reaching:
CIOs - CTOs - CITOs - CDOs - CISOs - CDAOs - CPOs In Addition, we also reach:
-Tech Board Directors & Advisors -Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, AR/VR, Blockchain, Cloud, Engineering & Infrastructure

Marketing, Communications & PR Executives

Chief Marketing Officers are suddenly finding themselves educating executives and the organization at large about market trend reactions to the business decisions and strategic deployments and future directions. Chiefly because in the C-suit they are closest to customers and thus closest to strategy.

Virtually every sector either is or is becoming customer-centric rapidly. CMOs work across multiple sectors as they find themselves in the most unique C-suite roles today.

Our highly collaborative global community of dynamic marketing, communications & PR leaders who have proved effective by navigating the complexities of the role, anticipating upcoming market trends, and responding to challenges with agile marketing.


  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Chief Communications Officers
  • PR Directors/Executives

Human Resource Executives

Since the inception of Finaxe in 2009, we have remained constant in our recognition of the importance of the HR function and its value to business-critical decisions. We standby in continued partnership with Chief Human Resources Officers, Chief People Officers, HR Directors and HR Professionals.

Several consultants throughout our global networks have expertise grounded within the profession. We appreciate the paramount importance of the relationships between HR leadership and senior leadership teams.

Whichever industry, we put forward the best HR leadership talent, to meet your people and human resources needs.

Supply Chain, Logistics, Operations & Infrastructure Executives

Supply chain logistics, operations and infrastructure executives are in high demand. The challenges they face have not been greater than today, as the waves of technological disruption flow across sectors.

Our extensive global networks and scope of knowledge dominate roles in the arenas of transportation including, air, inland, rail, road, sea. In activities of global cargo forwarding and express logistics. Focal areas of food, textiles, chemicals, automotive. Additionally, special logistics solutions or smart logistics covering warehousing, contract logistics etc.

Able to quickly reach the right persons:

  • Supply Chain Executives
  • Logistics Executives
  • Distribution Executives
  • Operations Executives


Understanding Your Needs

At Finaxe, we believe the recruitment process to be more than just finding the most technically suitable profile for the position you need to be filled. We understand how imperative it is for the right candidate to fit the organization’s culture as well as job position.

Understanding Your Culture & Our Market Knowledge

Our expert outlook into the expanding worldwide market has enabled us to build upon our reliable experience and knowledge into organizational culture. As this is a truly remarkable service, this is also an extension of our recruitment team and reflects your company’s hiring needs.

Exclusive Partnership Offering

As a specialized service, we operate on an exclusive basis or as a one of two-agency partnership.

We can tailor your recruitment service to fill a minimum of five vacancies, up to and in excess of five hundred.

Designing Strategy

When it comes down to it, business growth and market expansion both drive your hiring needs, but sometimes the current talent acquisition can’t keep up. Our project-based search solutions are customized around your organization’s talent needs.

Focus on Speed & Maintaining Quality

We work with your company to fine-tune the recruitment process to drive results and professional candidates you can’t wait to hire.

With our vast recruitment experience, we have the ability to understand the market conditions as well as the specialized teams to make your recruitment life cycle more efficient and faster.

Gulf Region

Nationalization Schemes

Finaxe recognises the need to invest and develop local talent. Hence we not only support and encourage this but we have also adopted a 85% ratio of local talent target in all our offices.

Gulf Region

Professional Talent

We are committed to helping home-grown talent. Our in-depth knowledge and extensive network of contacts means we are able to fully support the governments’ nationalisation’s employment initiative and provide expert guidance.


Full Lifecycle

At Finaxe our teams act simultaneously. In addition to putting forward and establishing pools of qualified candidates for appointment.We work hard on all your recruitment needs, with safeguards applied throughout our offerings of complete life-cycle recruitment solutions.

Taking Responsibility & Personal touch

Prevention is at the very beginning of the life-cycle. The consultant you first interact with, is also the one who interviews your candidates. They assist you throughout the entire recruitment process and beyond.

In-depth Research & Hand in Hand until closure

As a further assistance, we provide research support to help you gain the candidate you require for the position that you need filled. Altogether, you walk hand in hand with Finaxe, as our job is to help facilitate closure to any difficult situations you face.


Our Minds

Our very resourceful multidisciplinary teams of expert research consultants, comprise of experts grounded within the several-sectors we cover.

From start-ups to leading multinational organizations. We cover it all with knowledge of local markets. Sector thematic groups include serving the consumer, financial services, technology, industrial, logistics, fintech, energy, aluminium, facilities management, real estate, textiles, ecommerce, gaming/esports.



  • Consumer Products
  • Digital
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Gaming & Esports
  • Retail
  • Sports


  • Asset Management
  • Alternative Investment
  • Banking & Markets
  • Consumer & Commercial Banking
  • Fintech
  • Insurance
  • Private Equity
  • Risk Management
  • Real Estate
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Wealth Management
  • Family Businesses & Offices


  • Agribusiness
  • Automotive & Mobility
  • Aviation & Aerospace
  • Civil Aviation
  • Chemical & Process Industries
  • Energy & Clean Tech
  • Natural Resources
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Infrastructure


  • AI/Machine Learning
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud
  • Cybersecurity
  • Communications
  • Digital
  • Internet of Things
  • IT Professional Services
  • Software, Systems & Devices


  • Business Services
  • Real estate Services
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Travel & Hospitality
Social Responsibility

Helping Hand

Diversity & Inclusion

As a global recruitment solutions company, we work with our clients to find diverse talent.

Our principles in our way of working ensure that we are inclusive in our shortlisting, aware of unconscious bias. All throughout our process we ensure to support every candidate in the right way, so that they have the opportunity to fulfil their highest potential.


We work hand-in-hand with different charities to promote not only much needed care, we help support them to continue the amazing work they do.

While we are one company, our global network allows us to reach farther than a smaller organization so we can spread the word of the charities giving them a helping hand in their efforts to help others.

Spreading the word

We actively encourage and support colleagues to become involved in fund-raising activities for our nominated causes.

We do this by making corporate donations to the chosen causes, sponsoring employees fund raising activities and also by granting every Finaxe employee paid leave each year to prepare for, undertake or recover from fund-raising activities on behalf of our nominated charities. Together we have made a huge difference in the lives of those in need, the charities, but our company’s employees as well.

Address your growth demands and meet the talents that fit your needs.

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